Greek & Latin


SAT Vocabulary & Cultural Connections

Peter graduated from Yale University with a major in Classical Languages and has since taught both Latin and Greek at college prep schools in California and Massachusetts. Learning these ancient languages may help with SAT vocabulary, but it also connects the student with Mediterranean cultures of long ago. Peter is proud of his own Greek American heritage and encourages students to find echoes of these distant civilizations in today’s world.

“Forsan Et Haec Olim Meminisse Iuvabit”

Perhaps someday we’ll remember even this and laugh
– Virgil, Aeneid, I 203.

“οὐ γάρ τις πρῆξις πέλεται κρυεροῖο γόοιο:
ὡς γὰρ ἐπεκλώσαντο θεοὶ δειλοῖσι βροτοῖσι
ζώειν ἀχνυμένοις: αὐτοὶ δέ τ᾽ ἀκηδέες εἰσί”

There’s no point in complaining- the gods have given us mortals harsh lives. They alone are without pain.
-Homer, Iliad, XXIV 524-526

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