Mathematics & Science


Mathematics Tutoring From Algebra To AP Calculus

Peter’s classroom teaching experience includes Algebra I & II, Geometry, and Precalculus. For more than twenty-five years Peter has tutored all levels of math up through AP Calculus. Each student comes with a different mind and a different approach to the material. Peter’s strength is to find that unique path that connects the student to the material. In addition to traditional classroom topics, Peter also offers enrichment in mathematics: the construction of beautiful geometric polyhedra connects math with art and hands-on skills.

Let’s Get Scientific!

Peter tutors in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and can help students prepare for the AP exams in these fields and for SAT subject tests. Lab reports, in particular, often surprise students with demands for clear, concise, and scientific language. Peter has worked with many students to connect the stylistics learned in English class to the demanding process of completing a lab write-up. These different fields of Science have all developed through the contributions of so many, and Peter enjoys discussing the historical context of these processes of discovery.

Also Offering AP Course Preparation

Peter also offers comprehensive and engaging preparatory courses for students interested in pursuing higher level AP course material in the subjects of physics, biology, chemistry, and calculus.





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